​"Our experience with Goetz & Partners confirms to us that we've partnered with true leaders in the industry"

​"Before we found Goetz & Partners we had to do almost all of our marketing in-house, which was not always effective."

"Right from the start, Goetz & Partners impressed us with their efficient, professional manner"


We are a full-service project and business consultancy firm that specializes in delivering results-based business solutions to growing businesses and non-profit organizations across Europe. We have been growing incredibly fast because of our unique ability to combine skills that our clients desperately need to be successful.

What our clients say about us:

"I think of Goetz & Partners as our “in-house” Multi Specialised Department!"

"I was really stuck on a business model I had created for a renewable energy company. I decided to take a chance on Goetz & Partners and was not disappointed. I raised $1.3 million for my client in private capital as a result."

We have multi divisions inside Goetz & Partners, as an independent global niche project management consultancy firm, working with a worldwide network of strategic experienced Partners.

Goetz & Partners inner-circle, which its own goal is to support entrepreneurs & individuals to achieve their own aspirations: personal, professional and human, this via a unique interactive combination of services. Here the main goal is to build and support R&D spin offs, start ups, business persons with their venture and help them realize their entrepreneurial dream.   

The general goal of Goetz & Partners is to support a specific type of special entrepreneurs and businesses as good as possible with a tailor made solutions to achieve optimal return on investment and build a long term partnership based on trust and authenticity. 

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Goetz-BIZZ, powered by Goetz & Partners, is

a really different consultancy company. More dedicated, more passionate, more involved, your projects, are ours. No big stories, no bureaucracy or whatever blockages for your success!


Goetz & Partners operates in a friendly, professional and service-minded way. Our attitude? 'Get things done!'. Years of experience make our creative thinking exceptionally effective.