New initiatives need to be based on solid market research and need a Private Placement Program (PPP). 

The foundation for a PPP are the market research results.


Goetz & Partners works in 2 steps to create a solid PPP, these steps are:

A. Pre Financing

    Objective: PPP-creation & preparation, 

      Phase 1:   €   50.000    startup costs & administration fees
Phase 2:   € 100.000    internal project development
Phase 3:   € 355.000    external partner project development (such as: auditing, marketing, market research... )

​      Phase 4:   €       1%     of the project budgeted investment for further project development

      Phase 5:   €       1%     preparing the realization of structural project financing

B. Financing

    Objective: project investment & realization


      Phase 1:   € 350.000     Pilot
Phase 2:   € 500.000     Proof of Concept

      Phase 3:   € 5 million up to € 500 million Venture Capital Funding through our vast network of Business Angels,                           Private bankers, Building Societies, Venture Capital Funds, Financial Instrument Traders...  

      Phase 4:   Launch: Expanding the concept & franchise, national - and internationally



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