Goetz & Partners is committed to providing you with professional business planning excellence at affordable prices. More importantly, we dedicate ourselves to getting you results.

Get more than a business plan -get a Goetz & Partners master plan, the document that has helped raise millions of dollars for entrepreneurs creating thousands of jobs and opportunities for others worldwide. With our long track record, we can prove to our clients will get the funding they need. Every client's idea is treated as an opportunity; not just a chance to create a great business plan, but to improve the economic climate by helping entrepreneurs create wealth for themselves and others. fortune trading - a Division of Goetz & Partners


The Goetz name is already over two generations & over two decades synonymous WORLDWIDE with Gold - Diamonds - Banking -  

Financial , Business & Marketing Engineering -

Through Peter Goetz 25 years of experience in these and multiple industries , together with his worldwide network , Goetz & Partners can provide you with Successful All Marketing Solutions - Referral,Social Media & Viral Social Digital Marketing Systems – Complete Professional Consultancy & Services for Easy Marketing & Sales Turnover & FAST SOLID Duplicatable Growth - Marketing Lobby & Recruitment -  Sales & Marketing Master Distributor Leadership Positions ( Exclusive Lounge of 5000 International Leadership Million Dollar Earner Marketing Platform Reaching Viral Magnetic Sales Funnel 5 Million active Reps / Agents Worldwide over 50 countries , On&Offline in a Global Market Cap of 500 M  Commercial & Positive Activists Community in the Homebased Business Market & Digital World of Mobile E Commerce WW ) - Offline Turnover Track Record 5 Billion Euro Pan European Customer Base - Online Turnover Track Record 50 M Euro Mth within 6 Mths WW Improving  - Training , Mentoring & Coaching Services - WW Portfolio of 500 Sophisticated HY Influential Investors , VC's , BA's with access more Platforms , total market Cap 500 million - Full Auditing & Investment Solutions - Legal support & engineering for International commercial law + Company & WW Tax Structures - Fast Worldwide Payment Processing Solutions for all countries in Gold , Multi Currency , Diamonds , Crypto Gold , Virtual Currency , - Marketing Tools and Fast Durable Software Partners - Innovating Training Modules -  Niche Marketing Company & Network analysis - Marketing Personal Advice & Coaching , and much more ...

Specialized in European - US - Asian - Russian - South American - Emirates Markets - African Markets                            

Linked to Influential Marketing Lobbies & Top network Inner circles - Institutional Bodies , various Lodges & Stakeholder Societies Worldwide. 

Goetz Dynasty Background & track record in : Banking - Gold - High Yield Investment& Business Trading Programs - Automated High Yield Income Generators - High Yield Marketing – Commodity Trading - Trackrecord Building Client Bases over 5 Million in more then five Industries - LBMA certified Swiss Gold Trading - Worldwide unlimited Gold & Diamond Supply & Delivery from more then ten viable sources


Goetz & Partners helps set up and/or maximize the Turnover of Your Company or Concept through Marketing & 
Tactical Sales , Corporate as well as Field wise experience. Getting the right Partners is extremely important to 
maximize your success . Book a skype consultation to discuss and explore individual and useful strategies. Ask one of 
our master associates for our immediate online income generators to support You with Your daily income, cash flow & 
capital needs. 


A top-rated marketing strategy –one so strong, so powerful, that it changes brand trajectories, career paths, sometimes entire companies and even industries– requires frontline experience, business-building ideas, and state-of-the-science research.

At Goetz & Partners, we draw from all three sources to guide you to new-found revenue and profit opportunities.

Tap our marketing, business, and research expertise to:

- Do an initial marketing performance review and “white space” exploration
- Select the different components of a marketing strategy
- Create a marketing plan and go-to-market strategy
- Measure performance in order to enhance ROI results

Whether you need a partner to do it all from start-to-finish or for help with one step in the process, we stay razor-focused on enabling you to achieve your marketing objectives.


All of our marketing services consultants have years of experience. Using their expertise, they will develop your marketing plan by conducting an audit consisting of:

- carrying out a full client and competitor analysis
- drawing up product and pricing strategies
- conducting market segmentation studies
- proposing positioning strategies
- orchestrating appropriate promotional, exhibition and PR activity                                                      


Our International Network Marketing Department


Life Coaching in your personal and professional life assists you in your performance and decision making by helping you to take time out to see the bigger picture, refocus your goals and explore ways to re-balance your personal and working life. Life coaching can help you to go faster and further than you could have ever imagined.

Life coaching will benefit you if you are:

- Considering making changes in your work or personal life
- Needing help with focusing on your goals and breaking through anything that might

  be holding you back
- Wanting more out of life, personal and professional 

Life coaching is a conversation, a dialogue, whereby you and your coach interact in a dynamic exchange to achieve your goals, enhance your performance and move you forward to greater success. It can occur face to face, online or over the telephone. It provides you with a trusting, confidential and supportive relationship with someone who is not a friend, family member, colleague or therapist.

Corporate Coaching: Regular use of strategies such as meditation in the corporate world have helped build a greater capacity for managing stress, improve clarity of mind, focus and problem solving skills. Career coaching enhances creativity, builds self-assurance and personal power, and can go a long way in helping your career development.

Time and commitment: Making meaningful change in your life does not happen over night but takes time, commitment and support. Whether you want a more rewarding relationship, better health, an exciting career, more business success, or more satisfaction, meaning and balance in your life, life coaching can provide you with the structure and motivation to really accomplish more than you could have ever imagined for yourself.

The only way to find out how it can benefit you is to try it.

Goetz-BIZZ, powered by Goetz & Partners, is

a really different consultancy company. More dedicated, more passionate, more involved, your projects, are ours. No big stories, no bureaucracy or whatever blockages for your success!


Goetz & Partners operates in a friendly, professional and service-minded way. Our attitude? 'Get things done!'. Years of experience make our creative thinking exceptionally effective.