By following a professional 5 step process, we ensure the business consulting engagement delivers the agreed improved results for your company:

To start, we carry out a comprehensive, detailed and thorough analysis of your business. The purpose of this analysis is to provide a penetrating insight into your business. We uncover opportunities and reveal hidden assets to be quickly leveraged. This outside-in view on your situation incorporates fresh insights of a fellow professional with your own deep knowledge of the business to determine a platform for business growth.

STEP 2 - ANALYSIS: Overal & Specific R&D
We proceed in this second step to explore and conduct product& services R&D, customer, experience,  staff and competitor analysis. This serves to identify further opportunities for business growth and ensures that this parallel external view of the company aligns with the internal view.

Next, we'll conduct our 'Life Coaching'. Whilst up to now we will have worked mainly with the business leader, in this step we open up our discussions to include your senior staff. This Life Coaching element engages and motivates the key staff in the process, captures the good ideas they have and secures their commitment to implementation.

Following this, we identify the highest value quick wins to increase sales and increase profit. We bring these opportunities back to senior management to agree which of the proposed approaches will be implemented.

From the work we have done in the previous four steps, we formulate the business plan for your future success. The business plan is your road map for strategically building and improving your business. As we accompany you in this journey we can, together with your key staff, drive the business to deliver the business results you desire. We will create a marketing strategy first, and then build your marketing activities around this core strategy.

Your marketing strategy must begin with a narrow definition of your perfect client and then communicating your key points of difference from your competitors. Stop trying to be all things to everyone. Concentrate your efforts on a small, niche market and with a focus on becoming the dominant player. The best way to move your marketing strategy forward is to create a calendar and schedule marketing activities every single day, week, and month.

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a really different consultancy company. More dedicated, more passionate, more involved, your projects, are ours. No big stories, no bureaucracy or whatever blockages for your success!


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