We have partnered with an innovative IT & Fintech discrete Inner-circle to create a project developing algorithms based new mathematical formulas, models and structures to uncover and recognize interbanking trading behavior patterns.

Through their virtual R&D LAB, they're creating an unseen revolutionary science in digital information technology space into several of the most sophisticated engineered and developed software robotic trade platforms. The art of R&D merging Financial Engineering into Algorithms resulting in New Next Generation of Robotic Trading Technology for Forex.


In short, They engineer how to put newly discovered highly potent market behavior pattern science into an eco-system of algorithms infused innovating Next Generation Technology of Artificial Intuition Trading Robots from many views beyond AI.


The Founder’s Vision: The Founder has the ambition to go beyond the creation of a new financial ecosystem with gold-supported trading.


His goal is to use financial engineering to create a new generation of FinTech ECN brokers & banks in conjunction with the construction of a new gold refinery using the latest state of the art technology, and a private trading fund, using a financial engineered gold backed collateral Technique, serving as an extra security layer option. But also other newly developed concepts of the future become possible , all powered by this new next generation Forex robotic trading platform, will also have the potential to easily and directly monetize a portion of the undiscovered market manipulation volume of smart money into gold. Elite VIP Existing educational members of an exclusive inner-circle, can apply by Letter Of Intent to participate in several forms & stages of the project. Once going through an evaluation & approval procedure, they may be accepted to participate in some form, in one of the possibilities within this R&D Science into technology & company journey.

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Project: "ECN premier tier Brokerage"

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Project: "Private Fintech Bank"

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Project: "Private Fintech investment fund"

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Project: "Lombard Algo Trading Fund"

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Project: "Technology Holding"

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"Financial Instruments leveraging technology fund"

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Project: "Tokenizing Assets Fund"

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Project: "Educational Trading App"

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Project: "High ticket Payment Processor App

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Project: "Assets fintech exchange"

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"Technology IP rights licensing & royalty Holding"

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Project: "Technology Pro Trader enterprise "

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Project: "China Forex Fortune App"

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Project: "Copy Social Trader Portal & App"

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Project: "Inner-circle Fintech & project Club"

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Project: "Trading Technology Licensing enterprise"

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"Technology R&D monitoring & production Lab"

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Project: "White label & co branding trading technology joint ventures"

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Project: "My Lounge"

One of the strongest worldwide trends is the desire to lounge in an atmosphere without any worry and full of enjoyment. Goetz & Partners is the first to fulfill these desires in a strong worldwide franchise organisation.
My Lounge makes fantasies come true! Members and their guests are able to travel the world in just a few hours, enjoying the kindness of the Balinese, the Majestic feeling of a Sultan, feel themselves a rockstar, or just relax in their own Cinema room with their friends and family or business relations. It is all possible in Your Lounge ... My Lounge!

  • My Lounge, based on the needs of today’s modern people.

  • My Lounge, instant relaxation to escape the hectic of the day.

  • My Lounge, the place to be for business and family meetings, fun & pleasure and results.

Project: "My Car"

Another worldwide trend is the desire to be free, to escape the daily mayhem and drive. Each minute in the care takes your mind of the daily pressures and fills with pure enjoyment, and this, without any obligation to buy the car of your dreams. Goetz & Partners is the first to fulfill these desires in a strong worldwide franchise organization.


My Car makes every minute driving a car, is it to work, to the beach or a weekend abroad, a dream come true. Members are able to cruise in a sea of luxury, relax and feel free. My Car!

  • My Car, based on the needs of today’s modern people.

  • My Car, instant relaxation to escape the hectic of the day.

  • My Car, the one place you can feel truly free and have fun.

Project: "Global Fortune Trading"

The Global Fortune Trading is an exclusive, worldwide, members only club that provides in all needs of top business people & leaders. It gives them the chance to do business with people of their own stature, and will not waste time, provide them multiple opportunities for unique worldwide investments and give them the time of their lives during the exclusive events. Places are limited for this exclusive Global Fortune Trading! 


In short, joining the first of its kind, the exclusive membership opens:

  • Access to data networks

  • Access to special/secure platforms

  • Access to secret society that provides innovative ways to design, create and secure your future

  • Access to an exclusive Event Club with lifetime advantage card

Project: "United Marketing Community"

As a United Marketing Community (UMC) member, you get access to a brand new platform where novel online marketers can learn from their seniors, share their knowledge with the rest of the people on the platform, and where state-of-the-art instruments are available for all. This should be done in a structured & coherent way so that not only multiple products can be supported in one single process, but also the contribution of its members can be valued accordingly. Via this contribution system, people can really become true leaders for others, for one or more products. In the end, the true leaders get access to the ‘worldwide marketing of leadership’. In this way, this community will be able to support & profit from new product launches.

  • UMC, based on the needs & knowledge of sales and marketing enthusiasts

  • UMC, provides all information & training which is needed to build towards financial freedom

  • UMC, the place where you can grow personally & professionally within your field of expertise

Project: "Global Evolution Network"

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